Mince on Dripping Toast
at Quality Chop House

What London thinks

  1. The main event was one of the Chop House’s signatures, Longhorn mince on dripping toast… Read More

  2. a straightforward but deeply satisfying plate of loose meat on a thick slab of sourdough made soggy with cooking juices… Read More

  3. the dishes that appear on the all-day menu sound so good, they make you want to weep – Longhorn mince on dripping toast, for example… Read More

  4. Or, even more brazen, longhorn mince on dripping toast, so outlandishly rich and savoury that we wonder if there’s anchovy in there, or maybe mushroom ketchup… Read More

  5. there was something about the large ladle of sublime mince arriving on a decadent slice of white toast, served on the sort of higgledy-piggledy flowery crockery my gran used, that made me come over quite peculiar… Read More

Always practice good breadcrumbing

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